Framecraft Bath Ltd might have a great reputation from local families for its range of prints for children and party supplies, but it’s also pretty good at taking on bigger challenges as well.

The family-run business, based in Green Park, Bath, was recently approached by a customer asking for a 1.8×1.5m cashmere rug to be framed. “Because of the size and weight of the rug, the specification required great structural strength in the frame and glass,” explained Framecraft owner, Ed Taylor. “The customer also asked that only conservation grade framing materials should be used.”

The cashmere rug was hand stitched all round onto an acid free canvas background to stop it sagging under its own weight and in such a way that it could be easily removed if necessary in the future.

Ed sourced an amazing 4.4mm laminated glass with 99% UV protection to prevent colour fade and a special non-reflective coating which makes the glass virtually invisible. The glass was also floated clear of the rug using a deep fillet which matched the frame rim.

Ed’s team clearly rose to the challenge and, using all their expertise and experience, planned and produced this magnificent end product, much to the delight of a very satisfied customer.