Following its inspection by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) in September 2017, The Paragon School in Bath is celebrating that the school achieved ‘excellent’ for academic achievement and for personal development. This is the highest accolade a school can attain.

The Paragon School is among the first schools inspected under the new framework and, as the Reporting Inspectors frequently reminded the school, the bar has been set higher than ever.

Headmaster, Andrew Harvey, commented, “We are thrilled that we have been judged ‘excellent’ in all areas. We are delighted that the report is so full of praise for the whole school community – the fantastic staff, pupils and parents, along with our dedicated governors, who make The Paragon the wonderful place it is.”

The report stated that:
“pupils’ attitudes to learning are exemplary”;
“from their earliest days in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), pupils of all ages and abilities make excellent progress overall”; and
pupils are “confident communicators. They speak eloquently, listen attentively, and write creative and factual reports expressively.”

The inspectors also found that:
The Paragon “fully meets its aim to cultivate a love of learning”
“By the end of reception, all children can write simple sentences and read books of an appropriate level independently”; and
“Pupils of all ages are confident and competent in their use of ICT.”

The inspectors determined that:
the “pupils’ self-confidence is fostered through the very positive atmosphere of mutual respect between themselves and the adults in the school” and;
their “social development is excellent. They work together extremely well and display considerable social maturity.”

The new Educational Quality Inspections (EQI) report is focused on two areas: the quality of pupils’ academic and other achievements and quality of pupils’ personal development. The Paragon School achieved the highest rating of ‘excellent’ in both. With regards the quality of pupils’ personal development, the inspectors noted, “pupils take their responsibilities seriously. They are supportive of one another and have a very clear understanding of the differences between right and wrong.”

The report highlighted a particular area of strength of achievement and skill in both art and sport.