Off The Record has recently launched a series of three parent workshops designed to help parents improve their relationship with teenage children.

The Parent Workshops run by Off The Record in Bath are in response to the number of calls from parents in the BANES area asking for support in improving their relationships with their teenagers, and in dealing with prevalent issues such as mental health concerns, academic pressure, managing screen use and family breakdown.

“The workshops initiate discussions that help parents to deepen their understanding of the challenges their children are facing, as well as to develop their own self-awareness and confidence in setting boundaries and communicating clearly,” explained Janet Williams from Off The Record.

“Parents have found it valuable having a space to share their experiences and learning, and to know that they are not the only ones who sometimes doubt they are doing a ‘good job’ as a parent – a very important role with no training or instructions!”

The first workshop, ‘Support For Parents of 21st Century Teenagers’, took place this week at the Off The Record offices in Manvers Street. The successful workshop considered the context of life today for young people, in contrast to how it was when most parents were teenagers.

The next workshops are –

Monday 5 November – Creating Boundaries and Understanding
Focusing on building confidence in what we feel as parents, eg what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour, curfew times, etc. It then explores practical suggestions of how to negotiate and agree boundaries in the home environment, to create consistent family ‘standards’ that everyone agrees to, therefore providing young people with a supportive framework they can trust.

Monday 3 December – Building Relationships and Communication
This workshop considers how aware we are as parents of our own thoughts, actions and behaviours, looking at our responses and reactions to interactions with our children. We then explore ways that we can be more responsible for modelling clear communication and creating space to actively listen, in order to best support our young people.

The Workshops are held from 7pm-9pm. Parents can book a space online using Eventbrite and clicking below

The only cost is a small donation.

Off The Record is a service that provides a range of free, confidential and independent services for children and young people that support the development of their emotional health and well-being.

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