Year 6 children at St Stephen’s School in Bath were delighted to welcome renowned wildlife cameraman Hector Skevington-Postles into their classroom. The children heard hair-raising tales from Hector, including stories of him filming polar bears and escaping from wild jaguars! 

One tale that particularly fascinated the pupils involved Hector filming with hi-tech camera drones that have now become popular in his field. On one occasion he explained how he’d just bought a camera drone costing £20,000 and had set it up to film some wildlife, then only minutes later watch as it crashed to the floor, completely destroyed! Luckily he had insurance…

Hector, who grew up in Bath, has worked on critically acclaimed nature programmes such as Seven Worlds One Planet and Our Planet. The visit came about as a parent spotted that Hector had been a pupil at Ralph Allen and invited him in to talk to the Year 6 children about potential career opportunities and how he made his name in such a competitive field.

“It was wonderful to see our children so engaged with Hector’s exciting tales of travelling the globe and filming with these amazing animals,” said Year 6 teacher, Jane Cross. “It’s really reinforced the fact there’s a whole world out there with so many different career avenues to explore.”