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Parents of students at Kingsbury Green Academy have given the school a huge thumbs-up in feedback about how their children have felt about their return to school this school year.

Kingsbury Green Academy, which is part of the Royal Wootton Bassett Academy Trust, asked parents to complete a survey about how their children were coping with life back in the classroom.

More than 86% of responding parents said that their child has effectively settled back into school life, and 85% reported that their child feels safe there. 90% of parents replied that their child feels happy at Kingsbury Green Academy, and 80% of parents described themselves as very satisfied or satisfied with the extra-curricular activities and clubs provided as part of the Kingsbury Green Academy experience.

More than 77% reported that their child is making good progress at the school, and a similar percentage said that the school’s behaviour policy is effective in establishing a strong learning environment.

Kingsbury Green Academy headteacher Jason Tudor said he and his colleagues are delighted and reassured by the overwhelmingly positive responses from parents. “Like all schools, students and staff have faced unprecedented challenges during the pandemic and we have been keenly aware that many children could struggle to adjust to coming back into school full time after so many months of home-learning.

“My colleagues have worked tremendously hard to make sure that school feels like a secure, enjoyable place to be, while ensuring that the students are stretched to be their best selves. It’s a tribute to how effective teachers and all the support staff have been in making return to school as smooth and safe as possible.”

Parents of students who joined the school in Year 7 this September also reported that their children had very positive experiences. Those whose children had attended the Kingsbury Green Academy summer school gave it 4.65 stars out of 5, and overall 93% of parents said their children had settled in well or very well to their new school. One parent said, “The transition has been brilliant,” while others said they were impressed by the school and always find it helpful.

Mr Tudor added, “School life at secondary level is very different from life at a primary school, and our summer school is a great way of introducing students to those changes, as well as to each other. Students are best able to learn, try new things and develop their talents when they feel supported and happy, so it’s rewarding to learn that all the efforts that go into making that happen are paying off.”