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A new and exciting club is coming to Bath. Brought to you by local mum and specialised Pre and Postnatal Personal Trainer, Vivian Lord, Busylizzy combines pregnancy and postnatal fitness classes along with baby classes under one simple monthly membership.

“Having had my own little one, I really understand how hard it is to make time for your own recovery once your partner has gone back to work,” said Vivian. “I found myself turning to the friends I’d made during pregnancy and that’s why I love the continuity that Busylizzy’s monthly membership offers.”

With a monthly membership, new mums can join at any stage of their pregnancy or recovery, and you can pause your membership as you near your due date and pick it up again when you’re ready, giving you the ultimate flexibility.

Classes include a whole range of pregnancy and postnatal fitness classes, plus fun and varied baby classes too, and there’s no need for childcare as all of the postnatal fitness classes are totally baby-friendly, meaning you can do something for yourself and for baby at the same time!

“This accessibility factor is really key to me,” explained Vivian. “Having a baby can be a really isolating experience in some ways, and so I wanted to create a club that would benefit mums and babies at the same time, and become a bit of a social space where mums can bond too. There’s a good chance that the women you meet in the pregnancy classes you will see again in the postnatal and baby classes, and we will be running regular workshops, events and socials to really bring people together in other ways as well.”

The membership provides flexibility and variety as when you join, you can attend any combination of the classes taking place each week. You can book, cancel and manage your classes using the Busylizzy App and if your plans change, no worries – simply cancel and reschedule to another day without losing out. Plus, classes run all year round so there’s no more worrying about checking dates and finding something to do with your little ones during the holidays.

“When we moved to Bath, my little boy was about eight months old, and it was the school holidays,” recalls Vivian. “We found it really hard to find clubs that were running, and to meet other mums with babies of a similar age. By running all year round, it really takes that pressure off, and it means you get to see the same faces rather than doing a term and moving on again. Bringing people together really is at the heart of everything we want to achieve.”

A full roster of online classes is already available for you to try, and face-to-face classes will be launching this month from Widcombe Social Club.

For the full timetable and the chance to sign up, check out the website.