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Inspired children from Winsley CofE Primary School went on a school trip to the STEAM – Museum of the Great Western Railway, travelling in as environmentally friendly a way as they could.

Key Stage 2 children at the school took the train from Avoncliff Station to Swindon, to visit the STEAM Museum as part of their history learning about the development of the Great Western railway and the work of Isambard Kingdom Brunel. The train journey was fully paid for by Platform Rail, which is an award-winning rail education scheme that works with schools to empower young people in accessing the railways. The children had a free workshop as part of this, as well as free travel to and from Swindon. 

“We had over 70 children travelling on the day using this scheme, using footpaths to walk to and from the station – we were travelling as environmentally friendly as we could,” said Miss Jacqueline Beck, class teacher.

A platform worker from Swindon station added to the success of the trip when they said, “I work on the platform dispatching trains at Swindon Train Station and I would like to say how impeccably behaved all the children were alighting and boarding the train at Swindon station today. All of the children were polite and respectful it was wonderful to see.”