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Edward was so excited! After all, he’s eight years old and Father Christmas’ Grotto is in town – and Edward was invited to see him! Not only that, his 11 year old sister Ruby was coming too!

The adventure was all set to take place at Milsom Place where Father Christmas had set up his grotto with the help of a few special helpers and his trusty right-hand elf, Sprinkle. OK, there was a problem when Edward’s mum found out that the lift at Milsom Place had broken down, meaning that Edward, Ruby, who uses a wheelchair, and his mum had to find their way via that Broad Street – but hey, sometimes magic needs a helping hand.

Santa and Sprinkles ready for a sing-song!

After a queue outside the Grotto, at spot on the time of their appointment, the doors to the grotto opened and Edward, his sister and mum stepped inside. Immediately the magic started with a meeting with Sprinkle, who greeted each of the children and led them all, tip toeing and quiet, to meet the big man himself.

Imagine Edward’s surprise to see that Santa was fast asleep and snoring away, clearly tired from all of that toy making! Still, Sprinkle – always one for a little mischief – had other ideas and encouraged Edward and the other children to shout out “Wake up Santa!”, with the jolly old fellow soon seeing the joke and welcoming one and all.

Look mum, it’s Santa!

For the next ten minutes, Edward, Ruby and the other children enjoyed singing songs with Santa and Sprinkle, including Jingle Bells, Rudolph The Red-nosed Reindeer and a special new song that Santa made up specially for his visitors! Then, with Santa ready to meet more children, he gave all of this young visitors a gift bag with an elf’s hat, a colouring book and either a shaker or a kazoo. There was even the chance to have a photo taken with Santa!

For Edward it was a jolly Christmas treat – “All of it was good,” he told his mum.

If you would like to follow Edward and Ruby’s adventure, tickets are £10 each (grown-ups will have to buy one too) and you can book your place at