A new part-time option on Bath College’s Access to Higher Education programme is ideal for students balancing work and family commitments who want to secure a place at university. The Access to Higher Education programme provides students with a nationally recognised qualification allowing them to progress and study at degree or diploma level.

For those who want to start a new career and may not have the required qualifications for university, the course can be life-changing. Angela Mutlow, 36, is studying full-time for a diploma in health and social care as part of the Access to Higher Education programme and has secured several interviews to study midwifery at university. She explained, “It’s a big commitment but I’m thoroughly enjoying it, I have learned so much already. Juggling the course alongside the interviews and the application process for university is quite intense, so a part-time option would be hugely beneficial.

“I’m fortunate because I have a job which is flexible and I can pick and choose my hours every week. I’m working as a health care assistant, which has given me enough experience to know that following a career in midwifery is the right thing to do.

“When my children were young, it was tricky to think about giving up full-time work. I started studying for my GCSE maths and English and the access course was a natural progression for me. It’s tailored to suit the degree I want to do, so it’s the ideal course.”

Over 80 students are currently studying the Access to Higher Education programme over a year full-time, but the new part-time option will mean students can study over two years instead. Students study for a diploma in health and social care, education, science, humanities or social science and go on to study a wide range of degrees at well-known universities across the country.

Course leader Carolyn Guy said, “This course enables students who don’t get the traditional qualifications required to go on to university. Our students can go on to do almost anything. We have a lot of students studying to be health professionals, but you can progress to study degrees such as law, English or biomedical science – there are a lot of possibilities. We always have students ask ‘can I do the programme over two years?’ There has been a demand and we know there are students for whom it would be useful.

“Students will have a timetable which can fit in with commitments outside of college. It gives them extra time.”

For more information visit www.bathcollege.ac.uk/access-to-higher-education-part-time