It was a day of fantastic music, art and dance for everyone at the King Edward’s Junior School last Friday, during House Activity Day, with the children immersing themselves in the day’s activities and the school brimming with energy and excitement.

Everyone had the opportunity to take part in four activities, so while some children were learning to Samba, others were choreographing a street dance, as part of the day’s ‘Urban’ theme. The children also designed amazing graphics to be printed on their own T-shirt, whilst over in the Art room house teams created huge, graffiti-style murals to represent their school houses. The effects were outstanding and the buzz around the school was electric!

As a finale, everyone gathered in the hall, with an assortment of baking trays, buckets and saucepans to hand, to take part in a collective performance of street dance and music led by Dance teacher, Mrs Cook and Jamma De Samba, Bath’s Brazilian drumming band. As House Activity Day organiser, Mrs Pike said, “The atmosphere in the hall was something to be remembered!”

The school offered a huge thank you to Jamma De Samba for their inspiration and to the army of amazing parent ironers, who gamely rose to the challenge of ironing graphics onto over 180 t-shirts!