Are you looking for a change of career or know someone who is? Water Babies, which offers swimming lessons for babies, is looking to recruit a new teacher to join its Bath team and oversee its sessions at Threeways Schools on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-7pm, and at Fosseway in Radstock on Sundays from 8.30am – 12.30pm.

“The successful applicant with receive a full and comprehensive training package, which isn’t for the faint hearted but we want to produce the best possible teachers we can,” explained Bryony Johnstone of Water Babies Bath. “So if you’re up for a challenge and want to learn something new that you can be passionate about, please get in touch.”

Braying added that the ideal candidate would have the following:
• A passion for swimming and children
• Bags of personality and energy
• Be passionate about Water Babies
• A great sense of humour
• Great communication skills

In return they will receive:
• Full training package resulting in you achieving a diploma in baby swimming – the only type of its kind!
• Ability to work term and part time only
• A highly rewarding and satisfying job
• Great hourly rate of pay which starts at £18.50.

Like many new mums, Rowan Clarke was trying to balance her work and family life. When she started working for Water Babies, little did she know she’d still be there eight years later. She reveals the magic formula that works for her.

“I’d been working as a copywriter pretty much since I graduated. When I got pregnant, I had a romantic picture in my mind of going freelance, working from home while the baby cooed and played at my feet.

“That’s not how it panned out. After quitting my job at the Environment Agency and trying to write from home, I discovered what sleep deprivation, a toddler, a baby with colic and postnatal depression can do to a woman’s mind. And it wasn’t conducive to writing! That’s when I approached Bryony at Water Babies. I’d loved my Water Babies class – it was by far my favourite baby activity. It was fun, bonding and active; it really boosted me every week. I’d always loved swimming too, so teaching Water Babies classes seemed ideal.

“The job was only supposed to tide me over while my babies were little, but I’ve now been teaching for more than eight years. It simply ticks too many boxes to quit! I find it very absorbing, uplifting and immensely rewarding. Whatever mood I’m in, as soon as I’m in the pool with my classes, I’m in the zone. Being part of these family’s lives, often baby’s first ever teacher, is an absolute privilege. And there aren’t the words to describe how amazing it is to see a tiny child dive, star float or swim a width for the first time.

“As for my work-life balance, it’s a wonderful job. When my babies were small, I worked weekends, which gave me a break from childcare, and gave my husband the chance to be a much more hands-on daddy. As the children have got bigger, working term-time only has been a total bonus – I see my friends struggling to sort holiday childcare, and feel very grateful that I just get to spend quality time with my children without that worry and cost.

“Finding Water Babies also did wonders for my confidence when I needed it the most. I was on a low ebb, and my weekly lessons gave me purpose. On top of that, studying aquatics motivated me to start swimming again myself. I’ve since swam competitively in open water and winter swimming events, including the Winter Swimming World Championships.

“It’s not the job for everyone – you need to be able to spend hours on end in a pool for starters. But the rewards are unlike anything else. I’m now a mentor to new and existing Water Babies teachers, and I’m writing again, including writing articles for Water Babies.

“It’s amazing the direction that life can take you sometimes. If I’d never discovered Water Babies classes with my first baby 12 years ago, maybe I wouldn’t have found the balance and job satisfaction that I’ve had for the past eight years.”

If this sounds like something you would be interested in then please send your CV with a covering letter to email hidden; JavaScript is required to find out more.

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