Yes, My School World is one of the best toy shops around and yes, the team there are awesome. But you did you know that they’re also hosting a couple of events to help parents and carers prepare their children for that first day or so at school?

The first event is Ask The Wonderful Mrs Williams (or Everything You Wanted to Know About Starting School But Were Afraid To Ask!) and takes place on Tuesday 26 June ay 7pm at the My Small World Toy Store in Southgate, Bath.

It’s all about those things that may worry you about your little ones first few days at school. What happens if they are sad the whole time? What if they can’t open their packed lunch? What if they wet themselves? What should I do if they cry as I leave? What do they need to bring? Should I stay with them? What do they REALLY need to know before they begin?

Yep, your child is starting school and you have a host of niggling worries and anxieties. You’ve had your school induction meeting and now you have more questions than before you went. You’re pretty sure your child is a lot less ready and a lot more sensitive than other children and you are wondering how you’ll cope. But worry not!!

My Small World have enlisted the help of the rather amazing Mrs Williams – an exceptional infant school teacher for almost 30 years, who has seen thousands of children (and their parents) successfully through their first weeks and months of school. There is no situation she hasn’t experienced, and noquestion she hasn’t already been asked!

The toy store will have wine, nibbles and time for talking – this is a super opportunity to ask all those questions you felt were too silly or too strange to ask before, and you’ll get to meet a whole host of other parents who are in the same boat!

The event starts at 7pm and it’s FREE!

The second event is Champagne and Tissues on 3 September and it all about those parents and carers who are dropping off your child at school for the first time ever this September. This is a momentous day, so don’t just wander home feeling glum! As soon as you’ve waved goodbye to your child head straight to My Small World Toy Store for their famous ‘Champagne & Tissues’!

Now in its 12th Year, Champagne and Tissues is a right of passage for new school parents. The team will be waiting for you with open arms, morning or afternoon depending on your start time, with champagne, tissues and goody bags to take back to your new pupils. It’s a time to cry, laugh, celebrate and meet other parents in exactly the same boat as you!

“My son is taking his GCSE’s right now, but it feels like just yesterday when I dropped him off at school for the very first time!” recalls Dawn Burden, the owner of My Small World. “I wandered home feeling far more glum, emotional and anxious than I expected. Sometimes it’s really important to mark these rights of passage, and to acknowledge that it’s a big deal and a big change, which is why we started Champagne & Tissues, which has become something of a starting school institution! Its our favourite event of the year – champagne and orange juice is at the ready, as are tissues and hugs – it’s quite a party at 9.30am in the morning! All schools usually have children split in to morning or afternoon sessions, so we are ready from 12.30pm too!

To find out about either event, call the team at My Small World on 01225 312943