A recent visit to Churchfields The Village School by charity Wellboring inspired three pupils to organise their own fundraising initiative. Annabel, Laura and Henry, who are all in Year 5, organised a Bake Off and cake sale, raising £170 for the charity which bores wells in Africa.

After their proposals were accepted by headteacher, Mr Futcher, the children gave a presentation to parents and the whole school, wrote articles for the newsletter, stuck up posters and designed certificates and entry forms.

The response from the school community was overwhelming with nearly half the children entering. With suggested themes of under the sea and mythical creatures, the results were amazing, including unicorn biscuits, fondant crabs and a whole cake in the shape of an octopus. There were some very talented bakers, with many children choosing to enter the solo bakes category (without parental support).

The trio of judges were very excited at the prospect of tasting the entries, each of which was indeed delicious. The judges made detailed notes, followed by animated debate as everyone voted for their favourite. Eventually the children (and their equally enthusiastic teacher, who was diligently overseeing proceedings) had to admit defeat and call in some substitute tasters!

Eventually winners were declared in the four categories : biscuits, cakes, solo bakes and safe cakes (for children with special dietary requirements). Alexis in Reception was declared the overall winner for her undersea cake.

After school the bakes were sold to the rest of the school, and the organisers were thrilled to report that they had raised sufficient funds to support 47 children in Africa receiving fresh water.