Should pupils have to wear school uniform?

Testing on animals should be against the law.

All pupils should learn how to play a musical instrument.

Are we doing enough about climate change?

These are just some of the questions and statements that pupils at Corsham Regis Primary Academy debated and voted upon during its first UK Parliament Day on Monday 4 November.

After a whole school assembly led by Headteacher Mr Spicer, which introduced the children to parliament and the format to the day, pupils went back to their classes to prepare their arguments for and against their class question or statement.

“What followed was some very passionate debating between pupils with a nominated Speaker to maintain order in proceedings, before pupils had a chance to vote,” explained Mr Spicer. “It was a wonderful day of speaking and listening, lively debate and learning about how democracy works in the United Kingdom.”

Anna and Ethan, both pupils in Year 4, explained what they had learned from the day. Ethan commented, “I never knew what an MP was or did, but now I do.”

Anna added, “From the day, I found out that there are two Houses of Parliament, one with green chairs and one with red, which is where debates are held and MPs do their work.”

“The children were amazing at preparing and presenting their viewpoints,” said Mr Spicer. “Visiting each class was just like observing Prime Minister’s Question Time in the House of Commons. However, I did feel a little bit sorry for the Speakers though who had a tough job to do! It’s definitely something which we will do again in the future.”