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Families, schools and community groups from across the Bath, Bristol and Wiltshire region are being invited by the Bristol Avon Rivers Trust (BART) to take part in this year’s Bristol Avon WaterBlitz. Taking place throughout August, this annual citizen science event enables participants to help monitor the health of their local river or stream and contribute towards developing a snapshot of water quality across the Bristol Avon catchment.

Citizen scientists will be able to sample their chosen river or stream using a free and simple-to-use water testing kits which will be provided by BART when they sign up to the project. Participants can then upload their results to the Freshwater Watch website or app, contributing to a map demonstrating water quality across the catchment.

The results could help to identify areas for further investigations and future conservation efforts, helping to improve local rivers for people and wildlife.

“The Bristol Avon WaterBlitz is a fantastic opportunity for families to connect with their local watercourse and learn about the rivers and streams we know and love,” explained George Clark, Project Officer at Bristol Avon Rivers Trust. “People of all ages can become citizen scientists and help to protect their local rivers while seeing the wonderful wildlife that depends on them.

“The water quality survey is taking place across the Bristol Avon catchment which includes all streams and rivers that flow into the Bristol Avon. This includes those around Bath and much of Wiltshire, including the Rivers Marden, Frome, Biss and their tributaries.”

Citizen scientists can sign up now through the BART website here: