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A crowdfunding initiative by the Beechen Cliff School PTA to raise £20,000 to support four charities working within the school to support the mental health needs of students, has reached its goal within a month.

The money raised will go towards supporting three main projects: the ongoing work of the Solution-Focused Mental Health Programme which was launched in June 2020 for families and staff adversely affected by the pandemic; helping to buy laptops and IT equipment to provide practical support for students who do not have sufficient access to a laptop or adequate connectivity to be effective home learners; and providing Covid-safe lunch facilities within the new school Clubhouse that had been previously funded by the PTA.

“It’s been a truly heartwarming experience to watch the campaign grow,” commented Marina Beare from the school’s PTA. “Beechen Cliff School PTA can’t thank the parents, past pupils and the wider community enough for their overwhelming kindness in supporting this campaign. We will keep it running indefinitely. Any additional funding raised, will be spent on continuing to support pupil wellbeing within Beechen Cliff School.”

Susie Ingram Sixth Form Pastoral Manager at Beechen Cliff school, added, “As Mental Health Champion at Beechen, I am especially thrilled to see that parents are pleased with and recognise the importance we place on mental wellbeing for students, pupils and staff at the school. This has never been more important than now. Through the generosity of parents, we can continue to train staff and parents and support the pupils themselves with their mental wellbeing.”

Headmaster Andrew Davies, said, ‘’The campaign is supporting approaches that have had a huge impact on youngsters, not only within Beechen Cliff but further afield as the successes are shared and used across other schools. The longer term impact will be to build resilience and the capacity to create optimism, supporting parents as well as the children who directly access the support.  

“Within the school we have been incredibly grateful for the support of parents  and from those  in the wider community for the activity which makes such a profound difference to the lives of young people.”