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Steph Cadey and her family enjoy a festive night out at Corsham’s excellent arts and theatre venue

Tonight we were back in the classroom for the production of the Snow Beast at the Pound Arts Centre in Corsham. Being a small and intimate theatre, the audience is brought right into the heart of the production, which creates both a warm welcome and a novel way to introduce the plot, based around an epic tail of science to uncover the truth of the mythical snow beast.

A cast of four included three very energetic performers and their music counterpart, who displayed absolutely amazing skills at creating many different sounds effects in music out of a plethora of objects and instruments, giving the play a unique soundtrack. These talented ladies were very funny and creative in the way they took the audience on an adventure from the snowy town of Seldomberg to overcome the mountainous obstacles that lay ahead, in a performance full of interaction and scientific pizzazz.

The play was broken down into chapters, each one accompanied by clever use of props, assembled by the cast as the plot develops and all without breaking step or intruding on smooth progress of the tale. We especially loved how the different characters were brought to life, with the performers jumping from first to third person, helping them illustrate aspects of their story from varying scales. The judges were our favourites.

Our daughter was very fortunate to be called on stage to aid with one of their science experiments which took place throughout the performance, giving the whole experience an educational element, as well as being very entertaining.  And this isn’t just for the children – I certainly learnt a thing or two as well!

We all thoroughly enjoyed this production from the Scratchworks Theatre Company, which was educational and fun, and saw us laughing an awful lot. During the interval we met a group of ladies who explained that this was the fourth time they had seen one of the company’s productions and absolutely loved it too. A very high accolade!

To sum up, its a true gem of a winter’s feast for young children and adults alike, really worth a family visit! You won’t be disappointed!

It’s also worth noting that a BSL interpreter will be present for the Tuesday 21 December 2pm showing for deaf and hard of hearing audience.