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Sometimes you just don’t want to prepare and cook yet another family meal… Fortunately, Bath has more than its fair share of eateries to choose from and one of the newest is Tortilla on Cheap Street, serving freshly made, award-winning California-style Mexican burritos, tacos and more.

We paid a visit one Tuesday evening at about 6pm, with the choice available to takeaway our food or eat in. With no desire to deal with the washing and clearing up of a takeaway at home, we chose the sit-in option, and were very glad that we did.

OK, no, this isn’t the Tortilla in Bath, but the food is the same…

Tortilla in Bath is designed with a industrial, cantina vibe, with plenty of colour and light and a real stylish feel – a major league step-up from many other better known high street Mcfast food outlets. The menu, while not exactly extensive, focuses on a selection of burritos, tacos, salads, nachos and chips, as well as quesadilla, drinks and churros for pudding. We all decided on the burritos, going for chicken and pork flavours, complete with loads of extra toppings, as well as a vegetarian naked burrito – basically the same ingredients but without the wrap and served in a bowl.

With our meals prepared in front of us, allowing us to choose from a wide range of fillings including, salad, black beans, cheese and loads more, our meals were soon ready for us to enjoy. There’s also a range of drinks for choose from, including the usual fizzy stuff, iced tea and beers.

The burritos are available in either medium (£6.20) or large (£7.30) sizes

Now the very good news is that the burritos were delicious – really flavoursome, fresh tasting and plenty of them. Combined with the funky decor, it made what I thought might be another soulless takeaway experience far more enjoyable and a really positive family meal out. We were soon comparing Tortilla to other chain restaurants that we’ve tried in Bath and I’m glad to say that it came out really well indeed.

Yes, we did have that old classic of our youngest not being able to finish his burrito because he was full, but suddenly finding room for churros for pud…

All in all, this was a really good family meal out that didn’t cost a fortune and meant we didn’t have to cook anything or clear up either. Our fellow diners included young couples on the way back from the gym, teenage diners and one other family. There’s every chance that we’ll be back.