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Pupils in Year 2 and Year 6 from ten schools across Bath and Wiltshire gathered last week at The Glasshouse Academy grounds in Combe Down to take part in Palladian Academy Trust’s inaugural Palladian Games.

Traditional running races, relays, obstacle courses and the obligatory bean bag balancing challenge were interjected with tag games and soccer penalty shootouts. The pupils also enjoyed pop-mobility dance routines, yoga and wellie wanging, ensuring there was a good mix of competition, team sports, wellbeing and fun.

The schools taking part were –

“It’s been a fantastic day seeing so many children take part in the first ever Palladian Games,” said Mark Gunning, Palladian Academy Trust Sports Lead. “We wanted today to be a celebration of sports, fitness, wellbeing and fun with our peers. For years school sports days have divided a nation – there are those that have fond memories of the fun, celebrations and medals – but there are also those that still have nightmares of falling flat on our faces! We move beyond traditional sports at primary and secondary schools, such as running, football, hockey, football and netball, so that all children feel inspired and motivated to  take part.

“Being active in individual and team sports is a vital component for children’s personal development and their social, emotional physical health and wellbeing. We know that physical activity and taking part in sports can boost resilience and confidence. Palladian Academy is an inclusive trust, where all pupils emotional, social and physical needs are met. We include a good mix of age-appropriate activities to meet this aim”

“It’s also important for our children that have honed their sport to have their moment of glory – we celebrate other subject successes, so it’s only fair that our children that enjoy and embrace competition and the competitive components of their sport, get to feel a sense of achievement. We need to acknowledge and support their progress, praise and encourage their hard work and commitment and nurture talent.”

Lisa Pollard, Director of Education, was cheering the children on all day and delighted to see the values of the trust played out over the course of the day. “Having only just joined the trust, it was truly wonderful to see so many of our pupils enjoying such a variety of sports,” she said. “Watching the Year 5 pupils support the Year 2s in the morning round – and the young people from our secondary school, Ralph Allen, supporting the year six pupils, was certainly a highlight for me. The maturity, care and enthusiasm displayed today make us all feel very proud – and the smiles on the faces of our pupils and teachers spoke volumes.

“Physical Education is on the national curriculum for good reason, and we continue to find exciting ways to encourage children of all ages to engage with physical activity and try new sports. Watching our pupils thoroughly enjoy learning a dance routine and mastering the basics of yoga together, really compounded the actuality that PE is important in developing our pupils, like any other subject on the curriculum.”

To find out more about Palladian Academy Trust and its PE curriculum, you can follow them on Twitter @PalladianTrust and visit its website