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Schools across the Bath region have partnered with Kitt Medical to provide emergency allergy protection and care for pupils and staff who face the danger of having a severe allergic reaction, known as ‘anaphylaxis’

Following the success of pilot programmes in Ralph Allen School, Combe Down Primary School and St Martins Garden Primary school last year, Kitt Medical has partnered with all of the schools in the Palladian Academy Trust to deliver emergency allergy care across all eleven of its schools this year.

Kitt Medical was founded by Zak Marks in 2020, after he completed his final year studying Industrial Design at the University of Loughborough. A long-time nut allergy sufferer, Zak faces the danger of having a severe allergic reaction, known as ‘anaphylaxis’, upon exposure peanuts or tree nuts.

Like all those diagnosed with severe allergies, he has to carry two adrenaline auto-injectors with him wherever he goes, which can be used to treat the symptoms of anaphylaxis in an emergency. These medications are easy to forget and they expire every year – which is why studies have shown that almost half of all allergy sufferers leave them at home when they go out.

The solution that Kitt Medical offer to schools are Anaphylaxis Kitts – just like a defibrillator, but for allergies. Running as an all-in-one subscription service, they provide four adrenaline auto-injectors and a wall-mounted kit, alongside online management software and CPD accredited training which is available to access for teachers across the trust.

Current users praise the Kitt for its ease of use, and the knowledge and support given to them from the Kitt team.

Tracey Dunn, Anaphylaxis UK Education Ambassador and Executive headteacher, said, “I’m so pleased that the entire trust has partnered with Kitt Medical. These allergy first aid kits are perfect for busy schools where children and staff may face an allergy emergency, and need some immediate help because anyone can develop an allergy at any time.

“Anaphylaxis happens so quickly, so training teachers to be able to deliver the right care and having these bright orange, portable and easy-to-use kits ultimately mean everyone is kept safe. The kits contain clear instructions for use, which is perfect when an emergency has arisen.

“I’m excited to see everyone’s knowledge increasing and look forward to witnessing how our children help to promote their school’s Kitt”

Trevor Smith, First Aider at Ralph Allen school, added, “After being part of a pilot phase for these unique pieces of kit, it is fantastic news that the trust had taken this opportunity to work with Kitt Medical. They have a fantastic product that will allow us to keep our students even safer in school. 

“It eases the pressure when you know there is something you can grab at a moment’s notice when required for a medical emergency, and with Ralph Allen having three Kitts on site, if a student were to have an anaphylactic reaction, one of these life saving boxes could be grabbed from anywhere on site within 60 seconds. It really is the equivalent of an AED for Anaphylaxis.”

You can visit the Kitt Medical website here to find out more about the Anaphylaxis Kitt.

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