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Ian Waller and his family make a welcome return visit to the Bath Pizza Co

OK, now it’s official – we have discovered the best pizzas in Bath. No, it wasn’t our first visit to Bath Pizza Co, but it had been a while and our latest family meal out there only proved what we already knew.

Bath Pizza Co can be found at Green Park in Bath, which means free parking at Sainsbury’s, as long as you’re only staying for less than 90 minutes! As usual, the welcome was warm and we bagsied a seat on one of the long wooden benches at the back, under the lights and next to the planters. I reckon we’ve tried just about all of the best pizza places in Bath and while many are very decent, Bath Pizza Co beats the lot. Hands down. With bells on.

So what’s so good at the pizzas? Well, they are always perfectly cooked, full of flavour and big enough to even fill up a teenager with a never-ending appetite (although he did manage to stuff in a bowl of cereal once we got home!). What’s more, Lily, our waitress, was really friendly and great with the orders, and even happy to pose for photos!

So I guess I’m winning the face pulling competition – again!

While my lot went for a Margherita (£9.95) with extra ham, a chicken and pesto (£13.95) and a marinara (£7), my wife and I both went for the tuna and capers (£12.95), mine with extra spinach, Ellen’s with extra jalapeno peppers. For drinks, it was two cokes and San Pellegrinno, a cranberry juice and soda for Ellen and a really gorgeous pint of a Helles style lager from the Bristol Beer Factory which had been recommended to me.

A quick note here for parents of babies and toddlers who dream about going out for a relaxing family meal together – it does happen, eventually. While we waited for our pizzas and chatted about holiday jobs, it took me back to high-chairs, tantrums, bibs and mushy meals warmed up in the microwave. Now, all of a sudden (or so it seemed), we’re all sitting together and chatting, no shouting or calls of “I’m bored,” and not a wet wipe in sight. Every age a stage and all that, and yes, we look back on those babies years with loving nostalgia (sometimes), but now the only real stress now is keeping up with the growing appetites (“You can’t still be hungry!”) and deciding if our 16 year old is OK with ordering a cider.

One of things are about eating at Bath Pizza Co is that the pizzas are individually prepared and cooked in an authentic pizza oven. The result is that the pizzas are excellent, but it’s unlikely that all five of ours were going to appear in one go. This meant that our youngest was well into his chicken and pesto dinner before the marinara arrived. Still, this is a small price for pay. As I’ve mentioned, the pizzas are well worth the wait, with my fishy feast perfectly prepared with just the right slightly salty tang and a base crafted by skilled experts.

It’s worth mentioning here that gluten free options are available, as is the chance to make your own pizza from the toppings available. There’s also specials of the day on a blackboard, just in case you want something different. As for dessert, the option is ice cream or nothing, so we went for the ice creams…

So there you go, next time you’re after pizza in Bath, stop off at the Sainsbury’s car park and treat yourself to pizza and a drink at the Bath Pizza Co. Or better still, leave the car at home and enjoy a pint of that Helles lager…

STOP PRESS – Pint and a Pizza is back! Bath Pizza Co has just reintroduced its very popular Pizza and a Pint offer, where you can have a Margherita, pepperoni or marinara pizza, plus a pint, a prosecco or a soft drink) of your choice for just £12.50 each, as long as you visit Monday-Friday from 12.30-6pm.