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Tanya Browne and her young family enjoy a return visit to a children’s classic

This is the  second time we were lucky enough to enjoy the Snow Mouse at The Egg theatre with our little girl and this time with our 5 month old baby boy. After seeing it last year we just had to come again this year.

Snow Mouse is a regular visitor to The Egg, telling the gorgeous tale of friendship in a wintery wood, complete with puppets and music.

We chose the early matinee show, arrived a few minutes before the show and parked our double buggy against the wall where the staff directed us. This gave us the chance to enjoy some coffee and snacks at the cafe before the show started. No food or drink is permitted at the show itself but visitors are able to take a bottle of water or milk for the little ones in.

We stepped up to the fourth floor (a lift is available), took our shoes off and entered into an enchanting white room. We choose our cushions and the show started. A performance where a child is in a hurry to go out to play in the snow and just as they are starting to feel lonely they come across a sleeping mouse buried in the snow and we followed them on their amazing adventure.

Both our children loved it and couldn’t take their eyes off of the performance. You sit so close to the action and it’s all on one level, children are able to crawl and sit right in front and really feel part of the show. All of them were laughing and smiling through the hall show.

Snow Mouse is just a wonderful show for little ones and presented in a great venue. We will definitely be going again.

Snow Mouse is playing at The Egg Theatre, Bath until 11 Feb. For more information and to book a ticket, go to