Yes, you’re right, Nutella and marshmallows isn’t perhaps the most common of pizza toppings, but judging by the grins on my children’s faces, it worked very, very well indeed.

The reason for this new pizza experience was a visit to Fire and Brew on Moorland Road in Bath, a venue that has immediately become our family pizza restaurant of choice. From the very friendly welcome to the family-sized dining tables – complete with colouring sheets and crayons for the children – we immediately felt comfortable, with an expectation that this was going to be something more than the usual chain pizza grub.

Right, we thought, hungry after a day’s exertions, let’s get on with the ordering. The children all went for the £6 children’s menu which gave them each a flatbread fingers and crunchy veg starter, complete with gorgeous red pesto dip, followed by a perfectly sized pizza, a fruit drink and Marshfield ice cream for pud.

Meanwhile I went for a similar flatbread starter (£3.50), followed by a mushrooms, asparagus, Grana Padano and mozzarella Cynthia pizza £10, while Ellen preferred the fish selection of the Marinara (£10), with a mixed salad (£8) for company. I also went for an excellent pint of Edison (£4) from the local Electric Bear brewery, with Ellen choosing a glass of Sauvignon de Touraine (£4.70).

What did we think? It was all, quite genuinely, superb – a cut way above other pizza restaurants. From the flatbreads and pesto to the pizzas themselves, it tasted fantastic, with the children loving the chance to watch the food be freshly prepared in the kitchen next to our table, complete with a pizza oven that our oldest suggested we should take home with us. And even with the restaurant slowly filling with families looking for a tasty tea, the staff remained friendly, attentive and ready to deal with unexpected requests from our children for extra blue crayons.

“But what about that Nutella pizza?” I hear you ask. Well, it seemed like a good idea to accompany the children’s ice cream, plus I was intrigued to see how it would work. The verdict – the children and Ellen loved it, with my oldest even sending photos of it accompanied by smiling face emojis off to her friends. Personally, I’ll stick with another pint of Edison and chocolate brownie.

We will certainly be back to Fire and Brew – good food, good beer and great service. What more do you want?