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Local mum of two, Nic Warner, enjoys a Fidgety Feet session

Someone once told me, before I had my first child, that I should aim to do one activity/thing a day and that would be enough, even going to the Post Office would suffice. “What utter rot”, I thought, certain in my pre-baby naivety we would be gallivanting around the city ticking off at least ten things before an organic, homemade lunch the baby would gleefully wolf-down.

Well, it was sage and excellent advice that we now live by, one thing a day timetabled in and once the eldest’s school run and the youngest’s naps are factored in, we’re laughing all the way to bathtime. The highlight of this strenuous weekly timetable? Without doubt, it’s got to be our Fidgety Feet classes, which are by a country mile the best regular activity we’ve ever signed up to.

Fidgety Feet is run by the wonderful Aviva and Charlotte. They have recently been joined by Mary thanks to their growing success and frankly, I can’t recommend their classes enough. A combination of dance, song and storytelling, each class takes pre-schoolers on an incredibly well thought-out adventure that’s perfectly tailored to their age and interests. My three year old Sam and I attend Charlotte’s Bradford-on-Avon group on Mondays. Charlotte’s warmth and enthusiasm make her like cat nip to children (Sam is more than a little bit in love with her) but there are also classes in Bathford, Weston and Claverton Down.

Fidgety Feet always kicks off with a warm up session; we stretch our legs, point our toes like ballet dancers, reach up high and sing ‘hello’. Then it’s straight into the story which might be based on a favourite book such as Owl Babies, have a seasonal theme or be a classic such as Cinderella. The thing that makes Fidgety Feet stand out from the rest is the sheer fun of it all. The songs are addictive and ones you actually enjoy singing again and again on the way home, while the teachers are brimming with energy, humour and professionalism.

They use puppetry to engage and excite their audience and there are even props for the children. So if we are singing a tidy-up song to help Cinderella each child has a mini broom and sweeps up leaves, or a song about baking is accompanied by bowls and whisks and sleeping bunnies is sung whilst clutching little cuddly rabbits.

The classes are warm, welcoming and confidence building and I’ve personally seen my son flourish from attending, gaining better focus as well as some great dance moves. Great fun!