Bath artist, designer and mum of two Krishnaa Shyam, has launched a Kickstarter fundraising campaign for her range of Full Circle Scarves and to support women artisans in India who are at the heart of her designs.

Working with the M.Rm.Rm cultural foundation in India, Krishnaa has designed a range of limited edition scarves, which are woven to carry her intricate linework and vibrant colour palette, while providing excellent winter protection. Krishnaa returns to her inspiration by packaging each scarf in a re-usable Palmyra box, handmade by women artisans in Chettinad.

“I decided to do this as an homage to the arts and crafts of Chettinad as I was so inspired by them,” explained Krishnaa. “My idea is to create products that are both inspired by – and directly support – special places and communities in the world. For this campaign, I’m launching a collection of limited-edition scarves. Each scarf is designed to be a timeless accessory that will add sophistication, colour, style and warmth to your life.

“My inspiration for these designs comes from the sights, sounds and smells of a wonderful place called Chettinad, in southern India. Chettinad is vibrant, has its own unique history, soaring architecture, inspiring arts and super spicy cuisine!”

Krishnaa, an alumnus of Bath Spa University, has previously exhibited her work at the Bath Artisan Market and sold her scarves through local stores such as Boho.

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Krishnaa Shyam