Mrs Sue Greig, a much loved teacher, has retired from The Paragon after 33 years. 
Sue joined the Paragon in 1985, the same year that the school took receipt of its first ever computer. Headmaster, Mr Andrew Harvey describes Mrs Greig as a teacher who, “Gets the absolute best out of children and will be greatly missed.”

Looking back over her career and time at The Paragon, Sue shares her memories, her favourite moments and funny stories.

Why did you choose teaching?
I wanted to teach, to work with children and to make a difference to children’s lives. The alternative that I would have liked was to be a pharmacist, but I wasn’t allowed to study sciences because I was a girl.

What was it like starting out at The Paragon?
When my son started school, I joined The Paragon in Nursery, working alongside Mrs Alison Guest, who still works here, among others and there were 30 children in a small room. Before The Paragon, I worked in a village school in Gastard. 

Now v Then
Interestingly, we didn’t have academic planning in those days. We wrote in a diary what we had done over the week and the Headmistress would review it. It gave you a lot of freedom on what you taught.

What hasn’t change is that all encompassing family feeling of the school and the children are always lovely. Once I was here, I didn’t want to leave that environment. I feel very fortunate to have worked here.

Favourite moments
Singing practice – sometimes this would go on past 10am on a Friday morning with the teachers larking about and miming the actions for the songs and everyone having a great time.

Nativities are always lovely.

The best trip was to Weston-Super-Mare. We’d visit the Sea Life Centre, picnic on the beach in all weather and even swim in the sea – we wouldn’t be able to do that now!

I see former pupils in town and they shout out, “Hello Mrs Greig.” It’s nice to see them.
It’s amazing to be able to go on school trips, like the amazing SS Great Britain. Having the personal tours and the workshops you learn so much more than if you just visited normally.

Also I enjoyed residentials with Year 6 to France and if it weren’t for The Paragon I would never have started skiing. I went on several school trips to the Alps.

Funny story
The parrot that kept landing on my head! An animal man came into school and by chance I was wearing a particular colour of top that was the same as the parrot trainer. The bird did a whoopsie on my head – much to everyone’s amusement.

What will you miss?
I will miss the children, the funny things they say and the conversations we have. In addition, the camaraderie of being in a mixed age group environment.

Retirement plan
Well that involves golf, travel and friends. I’ll definitely be spending more time with my family here and abroad. My son lives in Miami so we shall see him more. I’ve just got an ukulele so I will play with friends. There’s quite a community of former Paragon teachers, the Paralags, so I’ll spend time with them too.

What is the best thing about The Paragon?
The situation, the people and surroundings. We are so lucky to work in such a wonderful, beautiful environment. I feel fortunate to have worked here.