Year 5 pupils at Christ Church Primary School in Bradford on Avon celebrated the end of their Ancient History topic with an exciting ‘escape room’ style event put on by ‘Cluereka! Mobile Puzzle Rooms’.

“Cluereka’s enthusiastic actor-facilitators transformed the classroom into an archaeological site office,” explained Year 5 teacher, Mr Douglass. “Then the clock started ticking and the children had just one hour to dig for clues, read maps and even build pyramids to solve problems, find keys and crack codes to complete their challenge; by the end they were buzzing with the thrill of using their brains, it was fantastic.”

Headteacher Neil Baker, added, “We’re educating children for jobs that don’t even exist yet, so they have to be self-motivated learners, creative, entrepreneurial, resilient and technologically minded. Cluereka’s immersive puzzle rooms provide a unique and exciting way to foster these skills.”