St Mark’s School in Bath was buzzing recently with activity when it held its annual St Mark’s Day Careers Fair. The school filled with visitors who gave careers talks and workshops to Years 7 – 10 students, all of whom where off timetable and instead following a carousel of careers-related activities.

Year 7 students listened to Marine Engineer James describe the excitement of being involved in the construction of a 65,000 tonne aircraft carrier; others heard from Ian Waller, the editor of The Bath & Wiltshire Parent, who talked about a career in journalism and writing. School governors also got involved, presenting talks on careers from law to youth work.

There was fierce competition in the Conference Room where groups of students learnt about the Construction Course at Bath College – they were tasked with building the strongest bridge from a limited supply of paper and sellotape. The winners loaded their bridge with a whopping 520g weight before it toppled!

Elsewhere in the school, a Careers Fair took place where students mingled and chatted to prospective employers, learning about careers in the armed forces, green energy and health and fitness.

“It was a hugely successful day and students really threw themselves into all the activities with gusto,” commented Suzanne Wiltshire, Head of Faculty at St Mark’s. “The students were a credit to us, approaching each session with positivity and enthusiasm. The quality of the sessions ran by providers was high this year too – there was lots of interactivity which our students responded to well. Visitors praised the students and many of them have already asked to come back next year!”

Reflecting on the day, one Year 9 student said, “I started the day thinking about wanting to work with animals, now I know the course that I could do at Lackham and what exams I need to get there – now it seems more real.”