Pupils from Stonar School in Atworth are set to benefit from an exciting relationship with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), providing an opportunity to work collaboratively with pupils from across the world and build their awareness of global issues.

The school’s inclusion in the forward-thinking Globeducate group provides pupils of all ages with opportunities to build relationships around the world, to travel and to leave the school well-informed and inspired to be involved in important global issues. 

Last week, an exciting partnership between Globeducate and WWF was confirmed as part of the international group of schools’ Global Agenda for change. This collaboration will impact on the education of more than 25,000 young people and their wider communities in nine countries, including at Stonar.  The partnership will see all schools host screenings of the Netflix Our Planet series and educational activities associated with this for the whole school community.

Pupils will also take part in the charity´s Wear it Wild event in June, raising money to protect endangered species. Other activities will include pupils attending a summit at the WWF-UK Living Planet Centre, guest speaker events at individual schools and attendance for pupils in the UK at the David Attenborough Premiere screening at the Royal Albert Hall.

Speaking about the collaboration, Stonar Headmaster, Mr Matthew Way commented, “I read recently about the rise of ‘eco-anxiety’, with more people – particularly children and teenagers – feeling helplessness and guilt over climate change. Young people across the world are very much tuned in to information about the environment, not least climate change.

“We often battle, as parents and teachers, to engage young people in the current affairs issues of the day, but they are well-informed and interested in the environment, sustainability and climate change. As a school, we want to encourage this interest and offer opportunities for real, hands-on engagement and, in the process, our pupils will feel that they are able to bring about tangible change.

“The challenges that lie ahead for society as a result of climate change and biodiversity loss are global ones. Connecting students, teachers and educational programmes across borders is a powerful tool in preparing the next generations to tackle these challenges and play a key role in defining a sustainable future. WWF’s partnership with Globeducate schools across nine countries is crucial, allowing us to inspire and engage a global educational community at this pivotal time for our planet.”