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Great news! The May/June issue of The Bath & Wiltshire Parent is out now and being distributed across Bath, West Wiltshire and Somerset!

The Bath & Wiltshire Parent is the biggest magazine in Bath, being distributed to 21,800 families through every school, pre-school and nursery – including all of the private ones – in Bath, as well as many more across West Wiltshire and into Somerset as well.

In the latest issue of the magazine, you will find –

News From The Schools

News From The Schools

News and headlines for schools across the region, including a fantastic new school farm at Ralph Allen, Castle Mead in Trowbridge welcomes a new head teacher, a new library at St Martin’s Garden in Bath, sporting success at Hardenhuish in Chippenham and a £3 million pound investment in Wiltshire schools.

Pre-school News

Great news for parents and carers of toddlers and babies

Great news for the parents and carers of babies and toddlers, with Snapdragons winning a national Nursery World Award, new books to help young children learn a new language, a new nursery at Roundhill Primary School in Bath and fantastic fundraising from Little Willows in Corsham.

Understanding Autism

Finding out more about autism

Misconceptions about autism are common, so Hannah Millbank talks to the families of autistic children and those supporting them to find out more about the challenges they face.

School Report – Oldfield School

A visit to Oldfield School in Bath

Georgette McCready visits this popular Bath secondary school which combines traditional and modern teaching to great effect.

Choosing the right pet for your family

Expert advice for choosing the right pet for your family

Joanna Everett MRCVS, Clinical Director for the Bath Vet Group, offers expert advice on which pet would best suit the needs of your family

Dad Diaries – The Legend of Slidey Rock

A visit to Slidey Rock in Clifton, Bristol

How a visit to Clifton uncovered a terrifying tale of underworld invaders… and yes, it is true!

Forest School – Nature Connections

Learning to connect with nature

Tania Orgill of PlayWood Forest school discusses Nature Connections and why it is more important now than ever.

The Pebble In The Pond

Guest columnist Jacqui Ellis discusses the effects of trauma at birth

Holistic wellness professional, Jacqui Ellis, of Deep Connexions, discusses an example where a young boy’s behaviour could be traced back to trauma at his birth

What’s On

Teddy Bears Picnic at Avon Valley Railway

The best listing for family events taking place across the South West.

Days Out – Wild Place Project

Enjoying a family day out at Wild Place Project

Enjoying a family day out with bears, wolves and even a pair of stunning cheetahs…

Days Out – Bath City Farm

The amazing new play ground at Bath City Farm

Steph Cadey and her family try out the new play area and so much more at one of Bath’s most popular venues.