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A round-up of some of the highlights from GCSE students across Bath and West Wiltshire

Royal High School

Students at the Royal High School Bath are celebrating their GCSE results, with 60% graded 8 and 9, and 37% of these being grade 9s.  This is an increase on last year’s results that bucks the trend of 2022’s grades coming midway between pre-pandemic and 2021. 40% of the year group was awarded only 9s and 8s which will stand them in good stead as they embark, with confidence, on their chosen A Level or International Baccalaureate (IB) subjects.

These impressive results sit alongside equally remarkable achievements last year such as Natasha David who not only received top grades but was also the inspiration and drive behind the school’s Ukraine Charity Day that resulted in £5,956 being raised and van loads of much needed items being driven out to the country.  She plans to continue this initiative as she moves to Sixth Form to study Computer Science, Maths, Further Maths and Psychology. 

Jess Lewis, meanwhile, proved that busy students excel and learn key life skills including time management and commitment as she combined top grades with her skill and passion for netball having been selected for the TeamBath Athlete Development Centre.  As an aspiring medic she has chosen the IB route in the Sixth Form along with 30% of next year’s cohort.

Ralph Allen School

This year, Ralph Allen School’s 2022 GCSE results showed 35% of students achieved grade 9, 8 or 7, with 31% of students achieving five or more top grades.

The top 9% achieved grade 9. Headteacher, Andy Greenhough, commented, “In many ways the systems of examinations have returned to normal, but we must not forget that the students still had breaks for Covid during their course and faced uncertainty about whether they would be sitting examinations. They have dealt with this incredibly well and remained dedicated to their learning. Their effort and hard work have paid off and delivered fantastic results. We are so happy for the students and their families. Thank you to the parents who have been on this journey to support their children. It is time now to reflect and celebrate on the achievements. We wish everyone success in their next steps and wherever life sends you.”

King Edward’s School

Year 11 pupils at King Edward’s School are celebrating some outstanding GCSE results, with 90% of entries at grades 9-7. Almost three quarters (74.2%) of entries were at 9 or 8, with close to half being at the coveted top grade 9 (47%).

These successes were celebrated across all the subject departments, with notable achievements including two thirds of the 227 entries taken in English (Language and Literature) being awarded a grade 9, a figure almost matched by the 32 pupils who took Drama. 80% of the 54 Latin and Greek entries were at grades 9 or 8, whilst for the Biology, Chemistry and Physics departments the tally at those levels for the 261 Triple Science entries was a remarkable 85%, definitely a fine way to welcome the imminent arrival of their fantastic new and refurbished laboratories!

Individual successes for the pupils were many and wide ranging and included nearly a third of the cohort (31%) achieving only 9 or 8 grades in all their subjects. 20 pupils returned 10 or more grade 9s, including 4 who each achieved a straight set of 12.

Kingswood School

Students at Kingswood School, Bath are celebrating very strong GCSE/IGCSE results this year. With 56% of all results awarded at grades 9 and 8, and 76% at grades 9 – 7, students have achieved very highly across both GCSE and IGCSE examinations. The picture is an excellent one across the breadth of the curriculum with the Sciences, Humanities and Creative Arts all enjoying stellar results.

Amongst many excellent individual performances, the school saw seven pupils securing a full set of grade 9s. In addition, 25 students (nearly a quarter of the year group) achieved straight 8s and 9s, while pupils across the year group can be very proud of their results; the 98% a testament to their hard work and the support of our staff.

Once again, Wells Cathedral School pupils have achieved a set of outstanding GCSE results. Out of 98 pupils, no fewer than 17 achieved a clean sweep of grades 7-9 (equivalent to the old Grade A and above) and two of those achieved the rare and remarkable achievement of grade 9s right across the board.

Pupils enjoyed great success across a wide range of subjects. In a number of subjects, every single pupil gained a grade 5 or above; these included Art, Chemistry, Classical Civilisation, Drama, Photography and Physics. As always, the Music results were exceptional. In addition to those taking Music at the end of Year 11, 21 pupils chose to take their GCSE Music at the end of Year 9, and two thirds of those were awarded the highest available grade 9.

Oldfield School

The 2022 Year 11 cohort at Oldfield School have achieved excellent results, with many outstanding individual achievements across the cohort and 14 students achieved a clean sweep of grade 7 to 9. Particular mention should go to Freya Keyford who achieved eight grade 9s, Conal Little, Bronwen Williams and Becky Weldon who gained seven grade 9s, and Aidan Matthews with six grade 9s. 

Monkton Combe School

Monkton Combe School was once again celebrating as its pupils secured a strong set of GCSE results. More than 25% of the pupils secured a grade average of 8 or above (meaning an average grade of an A*) with two pupils securing 9 grade 9s. Equally important, as always, are the pupils who have secured better grades than they expected at any level, those who had difficult personal circumstances in the run in to exams and still performed extremely well and those who balanced plays, sports, activities and leadership roles with preparing for their exams. 

Joe Sidders, Monkton’s Deputy Head (Learning), said, “Behind the statistics are a set of young people who have gone far beyond the knowledge and skills which can be assessed at GCSE: they move on to 6th Form life with aptitudes and learning habits which will give them great foundations for their future studies.”

Kingsbury Green Academy

Kingsbury Green Academy in Calne, Wiltshire, is celebrating some incredible performances by their pupils in this year’s GCSE exams.

Principal Jason Tudor, said, “Following such a turbulent two years of disruption caused by the pandemic, I am deeply impressed by the resilience of our pupils. To navigate that period of uncertainty and perform in the way that they have, shows how incredibly talented KGA pupils truly are.

“We are incredibly proud of all our pupils and congratulate them on their achievements.”

Stonar School

Stonar School Headmaster, Matthew Way, praised Year 11 pupils today after their strong results with half of the results graded at A / A*, showing remarkable determination and resilience in the process.

Matthew commented, “On behalf of all our staff, I would like to congratulate our GCSE cohort, who we know have had their education over the last two years so heavily disrupted by Covid. Pupils at the School managed to achieve some of the most successful grades in the school’s history this year, despite national uncertainty around exams, regular disruptions to in-school learning and unprecedented upheaval.

Prior Park College

Prior Park College is celebrating some tremendous GCSE results, scoring a 97% pass rate on Grades 9-4. A special mention must go to Victoria Corfield who achieved an outstanding eleven 9’s, and to Sacha Wakefield, Ellie Stringer and Thomas Roblin who each secured nine Grade 9’s out of their ten subjects.

Headmaster, Ben Horan, commented, “2022’s Upper Fifth have produced a stellar set of results, of which they can and should be incredibly proud. They worked extremely hard, under trying circumstances. They were supported by their parents and their teachers in their endeavours, and the hard work has paid off. There are lots of individual success stories which we can and will celebrate. For now though, an enormous well done to them all and we look forward to seeing them start their Sixth Form journeys.”

Students and staff at Hayesfield Girls’ School have been celebrating amazing results this year with nearly 50% of all grades achieved were Grades 7-9, 40% achieved an incredible five or more grades at that standard. 90% of students achieved a minimum of Grade 4 in both English and Maths, setting strong foundations to enable them to achieve their ambitions.

Headteacher, Philip White, said, “We are so incredibly proud of our girls. Despite the impact of the pandemic, they have delivered record breaking results for a formal exam year and matched the achievements of last summer.  They extol the Hayesfield values of resilience, self-confidence and limitless aspirations and should bask in their success.  Supported by staff, their families and their peers,  they have set the bar high for future cohorts and are role models for us all.”

Mike Gould, Year 11 Director of Achievement, added, “ We are so happy that the grades reflect the effort and resilience the students have shown over the course of their GCSE years. Their attitude towards their studies was inspirational and have developed skills that will help them flourish on the next stage of their journey.”Outstanding achievements were noted from:Lily McNeil (10 Grade 9s and 1 Grade 8), Bella Bellworthy (9 Grade 9s and 2 Grade 8s), Kodi Bloomfield (9 Grade 9s and 2 Grade 8s), Molly Cheadle (9 Grade 9s, 1 Grade 8 and 1 Grade 7).”