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What a pleasure to have a tasty, fresh alternative to fast food in Bath

Itsu has come to Bath – just up from Primark to be precise – and following our family visit last night, we couldn’t be happier. Four out of five of us love sushi and so the chance to try out the freshly prepared range available, alongside a range of hot dishes, sweets, sides and drinks, was eagerly received.

As you enter Itsu, it initially appears a lot like a brighter, spacier and less frenetic versions of MacDonald’s, with self-service ordering through the machines that line one wall and a kitchen in front where the food is prepared. If you prefer to eat in rather than takeaway, there’s a choice of seats down one side, including comfy booths and very stylish raised tables, each with a candle, chopsticks and a range of sol, teriyaki and gochujang (Korean red pepper) sauces.

Itsu offers a bright and modern interior, with a choice of seating

In fact, for a fast food venue, the whole place has a really stylish feel, with funky decor, colourful plants and super clean tables. What’s more, the music is low-level, allowing you to enjoy your good in a relaxed atmosphere – far more restaurant than in and out as quick as possible.

As we were new to Itsu, Izzy and the manager couldn’t have been more welcoming and helpful, guiding us through the frankly easy as anything ordering system, and helping us out with a few suggestions. The result was that we ordered a delicious combination of traditional sushi selections, bao buns (soft steamed buns with aromatic duck, hoisin sauce and veg), vegetable gyozu (steamed Asian gyoza vegetable dumplings), mango mochis (cheesecake wrapped in a sweet rice dough) and chocolate mousse for pudding.

Izzy the manager and her team were friendly and very helpful

Now I’m not pretending that this was the best sushi in Bath – Yen Sushi on Bartlett stills holds the crown, as far as we’re concerned – but Itsu’s meals were really excellent, fresh tasting, full of flavour and with plenty of variety. The bao buns made a great side for the more traditional salmon and avocado maki, while the ┬átuna and salmon nigiri, when seasoned with the soy sauce provided, were a real treat.

OK, the mochi were way too sweet for my liking, but the children loved them and my chocolate mousse was ideal.

All in all, we really enjoyed our meal out at Itsu. If you’re looking for a reasonably quick, very reasonably priced and tasty eating out option, this is certainly worth a go.