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A new exhibition, Engineered in Bath – Innovative Hardware and Software, is coming to the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institute (BRLSI) over the half term holidays from 11-18 February, 2023.

The free exhibition is designed to showcase hardware and software products from exciting and cutting-edge engineering companies in modern Bath. Designed to appeal to visitors of all ages, it will feature world-renowned work in aerospace, automotives, energy, defence, security, digital technology and medicine.

Exhibitors include during the exhibition include:

  • BMT: Engineering and Design Consultancy
  • Whiley and Co: Digital technologists
  • Rotork: Actuation and control
  • Cross Engineering: Precision engineering
  • Creo Medical: Biomedical engineering
  • Buro Happold: Engineering consultancy
  • Rocketmakers Software Engineering

“If you have any would-be engineers, some mini Elon Musks or Marissa Mayers among your kinfolk, then this is a perfect opportunity for them to come and explore just what being an engineer involves,” said event organiser, Dick Bateman. “There will be plentiful information available on careers in the industry and top experts in attendance will help guide them towards their first steps in the world of engineering.

“Whether you are a young person trying to find a pathway into your bright new future, or a slightly more mature visitor taking genuine delight in finding out how things work, there is something to suit everyone. Don’t miss it, and while you are there be sure to find out about all the other interesting science and engineering lectures taking place at the institution during the year ahead!”