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Komedia Bath is a great venue for parents to enjoy a great night out and children to take part in any number of performances and club – and now it needs your help to stay open!

Komedia Bath is putting its future in the hands of the people of Bath by taking the brave move towards community ownership. By converting to a Community Benefit Society, Komedia Bath believes that it will be able to secure a sustainable community-led future for this innovative entertainment space.

In the nine years since the venue opened, Komedia Bath has enabled upwards of three-quarters of a million individuals to experience world class live entertainment right here in Bath – from music and comedy, to film, cabaret and kids shows, and just about everything in-between. The chances are, that if you’re reading this, you are one of those 750,000 individuals, and that makes you crucial to this campaign to protect the future of this incredible space.

With just over a month to raise a minimum of £350,000 – the deadline is 10pm on 21 November – the time to act is now. If enough of the people who have passed through Komedia Bath’s doors were to invest or donate in support of this ground-breaking Community Ownership Bid, Komedia will be able to keep you all laughing, dancing and discovering your new favourite acts and artists for many years to come.

What’s more, Komedia is a vital lynchpin of Bath’s thriving arts community. If Komedia is unable to support Bath’s festivals, emerging talent and local businesses, it will create a chain reaction that will no doubt affect the whole ecosystem” of live entertainment, both locally and nationally.

Without an inclusive space, where would upcoming young bands take their first nervous steps out in front of a crowd? Without a fully-equipped live performance space, where would the city’s other creative organisations hold events and grow their own support bases? Without an established venue with the power to draw world-class performers, what would become of the city’s cultural offering? As a midscale venue, Komedia Bath feels an acute responsibility to play its part in keeping Bath a vibrant and creative place to live.

Without the support of the community, Komedia Bath will inevitably succumb to the pressures which are destroying the live entertainment scene nationwide. You can stop this from happening by investing in community shares, donating what you can afford and by helping spread the word far and wide.

Help keep the boring out of Bath!

Please act now and donate or invest what you can at: