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A visit to Bath’s fabulous new museum with a scary after dark twist!

WARNING! This visit is not for the very young or the faint-hearted! If you’re scared by what’s lurking the in shadows or horrified by hidden monsters, stay away… But then, if you like a good scare, read on…

After Dark is the latest offering from the wonderful team at House of Frankenstein, Bath’s interactive museum dedicated to the most famous creation of the author Mary Shelley. This time, however, rather than a day time visit, you’re invited to explore after dark, with nothing but a tiny torch to find your way around and a guarantee of shocks and horrific characters along the way.

Out visit started with a disagreement over who held the one torch per group – with my 15 year old daughter eventually taking on the role. And then we were off exploring – slowly, gradually, ever so slightly nervously – creeping up the first flight of stairs before – well – he appeared…

Now to tell you too much more would be to give away the secrets but yes, we did jump – more than once – and anyone taking part will have be comfortable with flashing lights, sudden noises and having their personal space invaded in a big way. It’s no wonder that the visit starts with a questionnaire asking if anyone taking place has a weak heart, epilepsy or might indeed be pregnant!

Of course, if you’ve been along to the House of Frankenstein before, you’ll know that while day time tours are fine for all ages – and very much to be recommended – the basement is always where the real scares arrive. For the After Dark experience, this has been ramped up just a little bit more… you have been warned.

The tour ended with a visit to Bloody Mary’s Bar

The trail took us about 25 minutes and yes, we loved it Best of all, the same number that started the trail made it out at the end, and there was even the chance for a visit to Bloody Mary’s Bar for a soft drink for the teenagers and a perfectly drafted Bloody Mary – served in a test tube – for the grown ups.

After Dark runs from 22-24 and 29-31 October, running from 6-11pm each evening and offers a wonderful way to add a little scary spice to an evening out.

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