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An eager return visit to The Egg for a spot of GCSE revision

It was great to back at The Egg Theatre in Bath, a venue where over the years we’ve seen some of the best theatre for young children and teenagers in Bath that you could hope for. Friendly, welcoming and guaranteed to deliver innovative and enjoyable productions, The Egg is without a doubt a jewel of the Bath theatre scene.

Our latest visit was a spot of GCSE English revision, with Jekyll and Hyde based upon the classic Robert Louis Stevenson tale The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde turning up in this year’s curriculum.

This clever, fast-paced and wonderfully choreographed production by the Box Clever Theatre company condenses Stevenson’s gothic tale into an hour-long production with just three actors taking on a variety of parts, all supported by musician and composer Jack Blakey.

Samater Ahmed who played the parts of Burlington, Bertie and Poole in Box Clever’s production of Jekyll and Hyde at The Egg

Of course, the basic story of Jekyll and Hyde is pretty well know – the kindly doctor who transforms into the thoroughly evil Mr Hyde, with the transformation gradually eating away at Jekyll’s own moral boundaries and threatening to take him over.

Josh Tucker brings a real energy to the central part, displaying the struggles of characters as the evil excesses of Hyde threaten to overpower the decent inner struggles of his creator. Alongside Tucker, Samater Ahmed and Premi Tamang are superb, moving like dancers, bouncing off each other in the way of vaudeville double act and showing great skill in jumping from character to character.

This is a far from traditional production, using modern vernacular and present day references to signpost the relevance of some of the themes visited in the production. The result is impressive production and the most enjoyable example of GCSE revision around.

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