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Ian Waller and his family pay a half term visit to Bath’s newest escape room

This is really important! The world could be about to end and – as fate would demand it – it was up to my family and me to save humanity. And if that wasn’t enough, we only had 45 minutes to do it!

How had this huge responsibility fallen on this local family? Well, it started with a visit to Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein in Bath, a wonderful venue that offers so much to anyone calling by. There’s the museum itself, which celebrates the most famous work of author Mary Shelley, how it came about and the amazing culture that has developed around it.

Then there’s the Body In The Suitcase Game, the After Dark events and loads more, making this a wonderful venue that you’ll want to return to again and again.

But enough of that, we’re here to save the world!

Our team of four – mum, dad, 16 year and 12 year old – was met by the sinister looking although surprisingly friendly Dr Cleaver who took us down to the dungeons where our trail would commence. Dr Cleaver explained what we would face and the time limits involved. He added that every now and then he would check on us to see if needed any help.

And then the door was locked and we were left to ourselves.

Now to give any more details away would only spoil the experience for the adventurers to follow, but suffice to say, we loved it! As anyone familiar with escape rooms will know, the clues are all there, you’ve just got to find them. Working as a team is crucial, while a keen eye and good searching schools are just as important.

A couple of words of warning. The cellars of House of Frankenstein are pretty cramped with low lighting and weird sounds and cries coming from all corners. While this certainly adds to the spooky atmosphere of the event, it could well be overpowering for anyone with sensory issues. Plus, this really isn’t suitable for anyone under the age of 12 – you have been warned!

Still, we loved it and the really good news is that we managed to save humanity with about four minutes to spare! Plus, it was still early enough to wander off for pizza afterwards…

Plus, just in case your children don’t fancy the idea, it’s just as much for groups of adults or perhaps a work team building experience.