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Ian Waller and his family endure scares, screams and jumps at one of Bath’s best attractions

Dare you enter? For what lies ahead, no one can be sure, although the screams and yells of terror are an unwelcome guide.

After all, it’s said that a young girl was believed to be persecuted in an old house on Gay Street, Bath some 300 years ago, and demonic beings play out the tale for unwary visitors to endure.

Your challenge is to explore the five floors of Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein and see what you can discover, with only the paltry light of a tiny torch to show you the way. But be warned, in each shadow and dark corner could lie a beast of the underworld out to grab your very soul…

Well, like any caring father would, I decided if I was going to face the beasts of the netherworlds, I’d take my family along for the ride. After all, we’d all been to Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein on several occasions before and always loved it.

The latest attractions is After Dark – Nights To Die For, running from 20-31 October, and recommended for parents and children over 15 only. Now to tell too much would be to give the game away, but this is wonderful fun with a good few jumps and scares along the way.

As we crept up each new flight of stairs, suddenly my teenage daughter wanted to hold my hand for the first time in years, while my youngest resorted to a road man-esque tough guy persona in an effort to not look to terrified. As for the scares along the way, suffice to say they’re wonderful created and cleverly played, conjuring up screams of terror from the group of teenage girls following us around and making the rest of us grateful for the Death Wish cocktails at Bloody Mary’s bar for the few that make it to the end.

All-in-all a terrifyingly fun experience that will have you checking under the beds when you get home.