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The bright young minds of Frome’s local community were on show at Springmead School and Nursery’s annual science fair. Curiosity flowed freely as pupils had the chance to curate a self-directed science project of their choosing and present their findings at the school’s recent exhibitor event.  

Each pupil-led project began with an idea development and research phase that nurtured creativity and critical thinking. This semi-self-directed style of learning allowed pupils to develop skills which will continue to benefit them across the board academically. 

The fair offered the children an opportunity to practice their public speaking skills and boost their confidence in presenting their thoughts and conclusions to a live audience.  

All were encouraged to learn new things by exploring a specific area of interest. This year’s projects satiated a wide range of interest, from the life cycle of sloths to colour-changing flowers and seismographic networks. 

Under the leadership of Sally Cox, Head, the school has seen well-rounded success. The community’s talented children have flourished, with pupils recently awarded for their national achievements in athletics and the arts and showcasing their scientific prowess at the fair. 

“The Science Fair is one of my favourite days of the year, it creates such excitement,” said Sally. “The children were thrilled to share their work and have a handful of opportunities to present their projects and answer questions on their chosen area of science.” 

Shirley Offer, Deputy Head, added, “The creativity and range of projects that pupils devised this year was remarkable. It’s a joy to see such young, creative minds exploring their scientific passions, and to support them on their journey of devising each project from start to finish. The final Fair is a real treat. Everyone is full of excitement and pride, and we love seeing the result of the children’s hard work.” 

A video of the Science Fair is available to view.